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    Default [Not a ZC bug] Shipping Estimator bug

    If a user's session time outs while the estimate shipping box is on screen and then the user attempts to change the shipping address in the drop down menu the following appears:

    Estimate Shipping Costs
    Whoops! Your session has expired ... Please update your shopping cart for Shipping Quote ...
        [customers_host_address] =>
        [cartID] => 
        [cart] => shoppingcart Object
                [observers] => Array
                [contents] => Array
                [total] => 0
                [weight] => 0
                [content_type] => 
                [free_shipping_item] => 0
                [free_shipping_weight] => 0
                [free_shipping_price] => 0
    Blah, Blah, Etc, Etc
    Unlikely I know but would appear to be a small bug never the less. Version 1.3.7 and 1.3.6


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    Default Re: Shipping Estimator bug

    Well technically that isn't a bug ... it needs to say something when the session times out as it has no information to compute the shipping from ...
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    Default Re: Shipping Estimator bug

    The "whoops" part is not a Zen Cart bug, as Ajeh mentioned.

    I suspect you're referring to the array-dump that follows it.
    In v1.3.7, there are very few print_r() commands that are not commented-out.

    You might try searching your tpl_modules_shipping_estimator.php files and your shipping_estimator.php module files to see if you've got an accidental print_r($_SESSION) command sitting there that shouldn't be.

    I can't duplicate your problem in a fresh v1.3.7 install.

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    Default Re: Shipping Estimator bug

    Thanks for reply.

    Traced problem to the integration of part of the Royal Mail shippling module into 1.3.6 and 1.3.7. Haven't actually resolved the problem, but at least I know what it is.

    Thanks again



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