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    help question Maximum Length of EZpage?

    Is there a maximum length to the HTML code that you can paste into an EZPage?

    I pasted a large block of HTML code inside a new EZPage and verified that everything fit in the box while in Administrator. However, after saving and previewing the page on my site, the bottom half of the HTML block was gone. I went back into Administrator and found that the code was indeed truncated inside the HTML box within the EZpage.

    Searched the forum but could not find an answer.. is this working-as-intended?


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    Default Re: Maximum Length of EZpage?

    Look at your database for the table that holds the EZpages data, that is where the size limit is.

    Just looked it up- It is a text field and should hold 65535 characters (approx. 65kB) If you exceded that you should probably be splitting that page up anyway.
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    Default Re: Maximum Length of EZpage?

    I suppose you could alter that to be a MEDIUMTEXT (16MB) or LONGTEXT (4GB) field type if you're willing to live with the potential issues of packet size and ram limitations. (best way to find out if those limitations impact you is to try it out, both from admin and storefront.)

    However, as Kim says, you'd be best advised to split up that very large page into several pages ... 64KB is pretty big for a single page of content ...

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