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    Default V155 - Adding dynamic attributes by quantity?

    Hopefully a simple question with a simple answer (because I've missed something)...
    (It's easier to upload some pictures that I edited with photoshop, (this is not done yet, but shows what I'm trying to get do). I'm also doing this offline at the moment...

    As a general description - If a customer needs to purchase a Name Tag, I have text attributes for them to enter the text of what they need engraved. Click add to cart and everything works as it should... but, if they want to purchase more than 1, it gets a little cumbersome to continually add 1 at a time (maybe they want 50 name tags, so will need to repeat the process 50 times)

    Is it possible to dynamically add the attributes based on the quantity that they select? In the case of the 2nd picture, the customer enters '2', and the php adds 2 sets of attributes for text entry. That way, a customer can enter 'how many' and enter the text for each one they need in a single step before adding to cart. To make layout sense, I've re-positioned the add to cart to the top of the area because it makes a little more sense to have all the attributes extend down the page - again, not sure how to set the position of those elements.

    Looking at it now, I would probably be better to add another button to 'update' the quantity and a stand-alone 'add to cart' button for when all the entries are finished.

    Is this a possibility?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: V155 - Adding dynamic attributes by quantity?

    That's an interesting concept ... the good news is that it's software, so anything's possible (given enough time and money)!



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