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    help question Countries & Currencies

    Hi folks,

    Have been setting up site for U.S. only business, but now client wants to do business in the UK also.

    Have added the currency menu back to the layout and removed the default Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar, leaving US Dollar, Euro, and GB Pound. Am having a problem with the Euro symbol showing up on my system. It is coded as: € Any ideas as to why it is absent on the shop pages?

    Also, how do we restrict orders to only US and UK customers?

    Is it simply a matter of deleting all of the other countries from the default install? If so, wouldn't it be better to toggle countries off and on?

    Thanks in advance,

    Mark Harrison

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    Default Re: Countries & Currencies

    Did you get this sorted out?
    We are in the UK and sell in pounds sterling but we want to add USD as an option too. Any idea on how to do it?



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