This has been covered before in various previous threads, but
thought I will clarify it here in one place.

Goal: you want your web site to take Paypal Express without account creation as well as credit cards through Paypal while staying on your web site. That is Paypal's new sales pitch (as well as their TOS for Web Site Payments Pro) and it works. Less administrative time for you the online store owner, and it makes it absolutely super easy for your customer.


1. ZC's Paypal Express Checkout works fine and uses the Paypal Signature-based API credentials.

2. However, no ZC module currently supports Paypal Direct Payment for credit cards, so you either have to go to another payment processor, or use a third party ZC plugin module (that works fine, by the way).

3. OK, so why not use both? THE PROBLEM IS: the third party plugin module uses certificate-based credentials. Paypal gives you a choice of signature-based credentials for your API, or certificate-based credentials for your API. AFAIK, YOU CANNOT USE BOTH. In order to switch, you have to remove one first, and then use the other.

4. Now, the third-party also has a module for Express Checkout. However, it doesn't allow Express Checkout without creating an account. THIS VIOLATES THE PAYPAL BUSINESS ACCOUNT TERMS OF SERVICE.

I have spent days working on my web site, and now for these reason it looks like I will have to rebuild it with another solution. I have products with expiration dates that are sitting on the shelves. I was just about to Paypal a bunch of money to ZC for the hard working guys at ZC support, but may not unless ZC supports Web Site Payments Pro like Paypal says they do (they don't).

Or has anyone been able to get Paypal to let you use both signature-based and certificate-based API credentials?