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    Default Re: Handling Fee as Percentage?

    Check your settings on the two modules ... you could also be getting different ones as you are logged into your account with one of them ...
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    Default Re: Handling Fee as Percentage?

    On this topic of adding a %-age based handling fee: A while back, we converted our UPSXML module to use our input as a percentage instead of a flat $ amount. But the %-age method is sort of useless on small orders and the flat dollar amount is ineffective on large orders. Especially in light of setting the shipping to be based on COM and it's a RES order.

    So, now we've changed our UPSXML mod to use both a %-age and flat rate. It works similarly to the Package Tare: Percentage: Weight setting under Configuration/ Shipping. We now have a percent and dollar amount in the UPS XML shipping module admin settings and the module uses both.

    In includes\modules\shipping\upsxml.php; around line 324, i remmed out:
    $methods[] = array('id' => $type, 'title' => $_type, 'cost' => ($this->handling_fee / 100 * $cost + $cost));
    then added:
    $za_handling_array= preg_split("/[:,]/" , str_replace(' ', '', $this->handling_fee));
    	$zc_handling_percent= (float)$za_handling_array[0];
    	$zc_handling_dollar= (float)$za_handling_array[1];
    	$methods[] = array('id' => $type, 'title' => $_type, 'cost' => ($cost + $zc_handling_dollar + $zc_handling_percent / 100 * $cost));
    Second, in phpMyAdmin, search the configuration table for key: MODULE_SHIPPING_UPSXML_RATES_HANDLING
    Change the configuration title to something like: "What is the handling fee for UPS? <br />Example: 10% markup + $1 10:1<br />10% + $0 10:0<br />0% + $5 0:5<br />0% + 0lbs 0:0"

    to give proper instructions to the admin entering the handling fee settings for the shipping module.

    Just putting this out there in case others find it helpful.


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