I downloaded tamplate monster and have done most of what they asked, but now I have this question? I've contacted my hosting company they were no help.

3.There will be a folder named \TMXXX (where XXX is a three digit number) inside an unpacked ZIP file. Place the files in their own directory (TMXXX) in the /includes/templates/ directory inside your Zen Cart installation. This will copy theme files of a zencart template to your installation.
4. Finally update tables of your Zen Cart installation database using a mysql dump file located at \SOURCES\DUMPS\ZENCART_SHORT.SQL inside an unzipped template package. Contact your webhosting company for assistance. NOTE: This will not affect the configuration of your ZenCart installation but just overwrite MySQL rows (tables) that define the style of your ZenCart store.
Number 3 is done, my question is where does the info found in this zen_cart short file go??