I installed Newsletter_Subscribe mode 2.06 into 1.3.7 Zencart and I have two large groups to send to.

Customers around 400
Newsletter Subscribers only around 1600.

The shop owner selected Newsletter and Customer subscribers, but it seems to have only sent to a few hundred. I'm not sure what the ORDER is for sending, but a customer with ID 385 got one and I don't know anyone else who got one.

The Shop Owner did not see any errors as far as I know and I will have to try sending it all out again myself to see if I can spot any problems.

Unluckily for me I had disabled Email Logging because it had taken up 20 MEG of space in the SQL when only 3 MEG was non-log data... I've now turned it back on until I work this out!

Has anyone else had trouble sending out massive batches of email?
I am on Dreamhost if that counts and I am allowed 4000 email per two days. It is slightly possible I had gone over that limit.

My solution might be to add a new Table column for storing the time that the last newsletter was sent and write the time AFTER the mail command is called. and then make sure it only sends out Emails if the "Last Sent" date is older than a few days - so if anyone fails I can just hit SEND again and it will carry on where it failed... Would that work ?