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    Default Skipping the Shopping Cart contents page

    Hi All,

    I'm designing a shop for a client who want to streamline the checkout process as much as possible. Basically I am after two things and any advice will be welcome:

    1) The product is virtual and and the customer will only ever buy one at any time so there is no need for the cart contents to be displayed. How would I configure it so that after clicking the Add to Cart button they are taken straight to the checkout_payment screen?

    2) As part of the checkout process the customer is required to enter a query - I have amended the comments section on the checkout_payment page to enter query. Is there any way to have the comments field on the product page and have this automatically pass through to the checkout_payment page?

    3) Is there any way of confirming the order from the checkout_payment screen (i.e. skip the extra confirmation page)? All transactions are done via paypal so there's no need for the customer to confirm billing\payment information etc.

    Thanks a lot,
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    Default Re: Skipping the Shopping Cart contents page

    Have a look at the One-Page-Checkout module in the downloads/other area
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