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    Default Banner Box Issue

    After installing the cart I noticed a forced re-size of a Banner Box due to extended name - I've not been successful in editing or even finding the issue. After researching here I've read others had the same issue with no corrective advice -

    Would someone please advice how to correct.

    The heading title is: BOX_HEADING_BANNER_BOX_ALL and can be viewed at upper right column of this site: www.computerdjsummit DOT com/zencart/

    Thank You In Advance.

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    Default Re: Banner Box Issue

    After installing the cart
    I suggest that you get the latest version as this is very old
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    Default Re: Banner Box Issue

    Thank You,

    I did that and you can see to my surprise the issue is continued with the new upgraded version.

    I'm getting ready to start customizing and would like to correct this as well - Any help?

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Banner Box Issue

    You missed upgrading the language file that contains the text definition for the BOX_HEADING_BANNER_BOX_ALL constant.

    By default, this is contained in your english.php file:
    // banner_box - all
      define('TEXT_BANNER_BOX_ALL','Please Visit Our Sponsors ...');

    I'm moving your post out of Bug Reports and into Upgrade Issues.

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