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    Default Using zen cart with a flash front end

    Hi Chaps,

    My first post on the forums! I've done a search and read the FAQ's but it looks like nobody else is crazy enough to try it :)

    I'm currently developing a flash based website which is going to include a shop, and I'm toying around with using an existing shopping cart to manage the orders and do all the back-end malarky.

    In an ideal world I'd like the flash store to do all the visual work, so the cart, the checkout routine, and then pass all that information on to a third party shopping cart which can then charge the card and process the order and have the back-end administration tools.

    Any idea if this could be done on x-cart? does it have any function to import an order from a external file, or to receive an entire order via an url form and then process it? I doubt it but I figured it's worth asking. My other idea was to write the order into the sql database, but then how would the cart know to process it

    Anyway, I figured the easiest way would probably be to fake it, so the flash application manages it's own little shopping cart and when they click 'check out' it jumps to zen-cart, but i'd have to somehow get the basket information over to zen-cart, I thought I could do it in url by emulating the 'add to cart' form data, but the zenID session blocks this.

    Any ideas? suggestions?

    It's a pretty tricky question so any answers would be really welcome :)

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    Default Re: Using zen cart with a flash front end

    The basic answer is that Zen Cart is not modular so that you can not just use the features that you want.

    It is meant to be the full experience and is written to be just that....

    You might look for something that is modular for your project
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