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    Default product and shipment in different currencies


    I want show to users the product price in one currency and the shipment and total price in other currency. Besides I want total price only take in care the shipment price.

    For example:

    Sub-Total: 10.00 <my new currency>
    Per Item (Best Way): $3.00

    Total: $3.00

    The general idea is that I only charge the shipping price to users. The price of the product isn't charge, but I want show this price anyway (so I can put 0 for the prices of my products).

    I have been search in the administration area and in extra modules and don't find a way to do that. I'm able to change the necessary php code, so, I will appraise if any one tell me which script and functions are involve in this actions so I can change them.

    Any extra idea will be appraise too.

    Thanks in advanced.
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