How's it going? I'm new to the forum and to Zen Cart ( firs heard about the cart a couple years ago and just now decided to give it a try) and have already been blown away by the sense of community and the power of this program... Through searching the forum I've found great tips on the program itself, installing some mods for wholesale and payment modules, and many other great uses for zen cart itself...

One area I am having trouble with is where to begin on totally overhauling Zen Cart to create a unique, non standard store front... Every thread on Zen Cart design always mentions the customizing options of Zen Cart and usually mentions one site in particular (the incredible but no real solutions on how that look and complete level of customization is achieved... I am not even sure what version of Zen that site uses since it's been around for years, but what steps should be taken to do something like this?

Reading a lot of template discussion threads, that consensus seems to be in favor of creating templates that keep the functionality of zen and availability of side boxes and breadcrumbs there as possibilities which in turn hinders some design..

What if you and your clients are 100 percent sure you don't want a currency box or any other side boxes and just want an amazing presentation for your particular store and won't be providing it as a template to other users.. Does anyone have any advice or links to working examples of whipping zen into shape? is amazing.. I've seen another coffee store by a great contributor to the site and the design community who's name escapes me at this time.. is pretty much everything I am looking for yet it appears to be entirely table based leading me to believe it's an old version of Zen Cart.. the way it uses it's product display and switchable photos is great, something like I want to do, but is it even possible with the new version of Zen?

Sorry to be long winded, but I figured a lot of designers might share this question and the forum would be a great source of info for doing something different with the Zen Cart stores if you don't need some of the functionality of the columns and side boxes... Thanks for your time and look forward to being a more active member!


p.s. if anyone has found a fix to the "double legend" bug in the Dual Pricing Cart mod I'd love to hear it!