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    Default Re: Easy Populate keeps going to Admin Login

    Quote Originally Posted by dnolan View Post
    I have installed EP v1.2.5.4. Configuration and all went well but when I try to upload or download it keeps taking me back to my admin login. Uninstalled config and reinstalled still same. Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thanks to the support team over at, I was able have this issue resolved. It was a rather easy fix.

    "The issue was with YOUR_ADMIN/includes/configure.php. In there was:
    define('HTTP_SERVER', '');

    We removed the trailing '/' here so the url is no longer and is now using http://YOUR_DOMAIN/manage. Once these changes were made and we re-logged into the zen-cart admin, it began working again."

    I spent 2 whole days trying to figure this out. Again, big ups to hostgator support.

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    Default Re: Easy Populate keeps going to Admin Login

    Thank you so much for the solution

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    Default Re: Easy Populate keeps going to Admin Login

    This may be a bug in Easy Populate. The links are not written with zen_href_link, causing security/linking issues when you are using an IP address for your website (ie instead of

    Moving hosting probably worked because you changed DNS at the same time; changing configure.php may have worked for a similar reason. Ultimately, easypopulate.php needs to be fixed by adding zen_href_link to all the links.

    For example, this:
    <a href="easypopulate.php?download=stream&dltype=full">
    Should become this:
    <a href="<?php echo  zen_href_link('easypopulate.php','download=stream&dltype=full') ?>">
    and so on with the rest of the links...

    Likewise, form upload needs to change from this:
    <form ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data" ACTION="easypopulate.php" METHOD="POST">
    To this:
    <?php echo  zen_draw_form('easypopulate','easypopulate.php','split=0','post','ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"') ?>

    Hope this helps others with the same issue (and I hope they include this in the next release of Easy Populate.)
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