hey guys,

i've used propay before, but this error is new to me. have the latest versions of the yourpay plugin and zencart. but i get this error (I *THINK* only when https is turned on):

Warning: strstr(): Empty delimiter. in /nfs/cust/4/33/02/320334/web/onlinestore/includes/modules/payment/linkpoint_api.php on line 74

I saw one or two mentions of this in the forums, but nothing that straight out told me what to do. Anyone have any ideas?

The cart is located here. Feel free to create test accounts:


I'm also having general problems at the end of checkout (regardless if i use http or https). It gives me that "sorry we can't communicate with the credit card company" error. I have followed the instructions included with the plugin (the .pem file is downloaded and on my server) so i'm scratching my head on that as well (could be connected with the above error but i'm not sure).

So HELP please! :-)