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    bug GV Sent via email error - Amount not kept = 0


    I am using version 1.35 and experiencing the issue on 2 of my carts.
    I have installed the following mod on both:
    -Super Order
    -Newsletter only subscription

    I have checked the gv_mail.php code in the admin folder and it looks fine (no change from the original file)

    Basically when I send a Gift Certificate Via email it will confirm all the field put in the form but when processed the recipient will receive the gist certificate without error but with a '0' amount not even the $ sign.
    Same int eh GV queue or listing it list the sent GV with 0 in the amount column!!

    I am now seriously stuck and need some guidance as to whether I should uninstall all contributions or else upgrading to the 1.37 version, will this help?


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    Default Re: GV Sent via email error - Amount not kept = 0


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    Default Re: GV Sent via email error - Amount not kept = 0

    There are a lot of obscure quirks in v1.3.5 ... it would really be a good idea to upgrade to Zen Cart v1.3.7.1 ...
    Linda McGrath
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