Hello all-great site, great software, great book, but I'm an idiot and having tons of problems.

1) I downloaded the most recent version of XAMPP at the link provided on pg. 33 (www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html), which for Mac OS is v.0.6.3. (It includes PHP 4.4.7 AND PHP 5.2.2.) According to one of the FAQ's, PHP 4.4.x is recommended. But when I start up the XAMPP server panel (or Terminal), it automatically starts using the PHP 5.2.2, and I understand this version of PHP is not supported fully by ZenCart. How can I use the version that's in the XAMPP package that is recommended for optimal use of ZenCart?

2) Also, the XAMPP package does not include Mercury Mail, since, as I understand Mercury Mail does not have a version for Mac. Is this correct? Is there some other mail program that is recommended instead?

3) Also, the book tells you to use the XAMPP control panel. The XAMPP package directions tell you to use Terminal. Which should I use? Is it just a matter of personal preference? Is this a stupid question?

4) The book also tells you to configure a local domain in your WINDOWS XP hosts file. Where do I find the equivalent on Mac so I can configure the browser, email, and mail server access like it tells you to on pg. 37? Is this in my System Preferences/Network/Proxies area?

That's it for now, since I'm at an impasse by pg. 37.
I'm running OS X.4.10. Sorry to ask so many idiotic questions-I have searched the forum for over 2 hours, but could not find responses to these specific questions in the context of the recommendations in the book.

Thank you for any help anyone can provide!