Zen Cart Software Support Life Cycle

Zen Cart continues to make strides in feature and functionality development. With every new release comes expanded capability and improved functionality.

Until now, support has been offered on pretty much any version of Zen Cart that's been released. But that must change.

In an effort to ensure that the development team is able to respond effectively to issues related to current software releases, and still focus on future development, Zen Cart has adopted an end-of-life policy for older software versions.

Zen Cart now officially supports a given release for 6 months after a subsequent release is made.
Software older than that may still receive support as a courtesy by the community or the development team; however, extensive research on issues affecting older releases will not be given priority by the development team members. If a problem is fixed in a newer, released version, the announced solution will be the need to upgrade.

The best way to explain this is likely with some examples:

Zen Cart v1.3.9 will be supported for 6 months after v1.5.0 is released.

Zen Cart v1.3.8 will be supported for 6 months after v1.3.9 is released.

Zen Cart v1.3.7 will be supported for 6 months after v1.3.8 is released.

Zen Cart v1.3.6 is technically no longer supported, with v1.3.7 released on 12/30/2006 and v1.3.7.1 patch released 07/01/2007.

Zen Cart v1.2.x series is officially no longer supported, effective immediately.

Zen Cart v1.1.x and v1.0.x series are no longer supported.