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    red flag Can't Zen Cart handle +50 product Ids in the shopping cart ?

    we are using version 1.3.7

    Today , I come across a new problem which is serious for those sites that handle large variety of items,.

    I wonder if someone have a solution for this?

    a customer adds + 60- 70 different products in the shopping cart.
    I mean the number of products IDs, not the quantity per item.

    so, the shopping cart is full with a very long list of items
    ( the problem start after about 50-60 product Ids).

    the customer, already logged In, goes to view cart

    then customer goes to next page to chose shipping ( this action goes pretty slow)

    then, continue to next page, ( chosing payment, coupons, etc) , this action is IMPOSSIBLE, it never pass, this page TIME OUT.

    Resuming , the customer CAN"T checkout, with so many items in the shopping cart.

    We've tried at morning, at night , at afternoon, with hight speed internet connection, it doesn't work.

    the hosting servers are fast and working well. Other sites ( not Zen Cart) on the same servers, even those with mysql database are working fast.

    My programmers are telling me, they way zen cart works, that needs to read, load each item one by one , is probably the root of the problem.

    I can't believe, ZC will have such limitation, that can't handle not even 100 product ids in one go.

    Anyone knows of a solution for this ?

    many thanks

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    Default Re: Can't Zen Cart handle +50 product Ids in the shopping cart ?

    It's probably just something with your site. mine goes through with no problem.
    If you think of the capability of php and mysql, holding an array of like 1000 elements shouldn't be a big deal, and even if you loop through it, do some calculation and stuffs it would take less than a few seconds.
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    Default Re: Can't Zen Cart handle +50 product Ids in the shopping cart ?

    There are some limitations in performance specifically when you've got a very large shopping cart containing items with attributes. v1.2.x was bad. v1.3 has noticeable improvements. The upcoming v1.4 is lightning fast by comparison due to some significant internal core reworkings with performance in mind. There's hope for the future.

    In the meantime, you might consider ensuring that your database server has lots of memory available to it, both for active queries and for internal caching, and that all your tables' indexes are working properly.

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