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    cart error Checkout Amazon Style -- Support Thread

    I've just released a new mod for Zen Cart. It changes the initial steps of Zen Cart's checkout to be similar in style to the one use by Amazon.

    You can download from the Zen Cart downloads section here...

    It creates two new pages, checkout_login and checkout_account. These allow the pages used for logging in and creating an account during checkout to be styled separately from the stardard ones. Additionally the checkout login page now asks only for the customers email address and if they are a new or returning customer (returning customers can also enter their password on this screen). A picture of the new first page is attached.

    The second page, checkout_account is similar to the standard create account page but styled to fit better with the checkout process.

    I've been using this style of checkout with Zen Cart for a few months now and have found it to greatly reduce checkout abandonment. It works especially well with order steps.

    I hope you find it useful. If you have any comments, suggestions or need help then let me know on this thread.

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