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    Default ssl not working after restore from back up

    Hi, im hoping that there's a obvious solution to this.

    I had to reinstall from a back up and there's been nothing but problems, my host (compila) are being very unhelpful.
    I have managed to get the site back up and running but my ssl is not working, i have checked both config.php files and there set to true with the correct corresponding addresses. I have had to set the secure admin to false (to get in) as it was displaying a not found error page.
    Where else can i look to find this problem?
    The ssl and gateway are through protex with the addon addon from Conner with blow fish for the encryption

    I know this is a little vague if theres any more info i can give you to help me solve this problem please ask, the shops been down for a week and it's driving me mad

    Thanks, any help is appreciated


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    Default Re: ssl not working after back up


    Forgot to mention im using version 1.3.7 on a Linux server, php version 4.4.7





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