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    Default Re: Installing ZenCart with existing website?

    Quote Originally Posted by afo View Post
    The only "problem" is if a customer goes back and forth between your Zen Cart and the rest of the site, the session ID will be lost along with any items in the customer's cart. You might find it easier at some point to combine everything into Zen Cart.

    Taking Zen Cart down for maintenance is simply a matter of changing the setting in the admin under configuration->website maintenance.
    - Its going to be tough to drop the existing site - Ive read a thread about the same subject where they say the cart contents are put on a tracking cookie and will hold the cart contents for 20 or 25 mins if someone Navs away from the site - after that it dumps - Im still a rookie at Zencart and have no ideal if this holds true for the current version of zen - If is is true Ill bet someone knows how to set the timeout - An hour would be ideal.

    Thanks kindly

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    Default Re: Installing ZenCart with existing website?

    A "guest" will lose their cart contents after being away for that long. A logged-in customer will be logged out then, but will still have their cart when they return; of course, they would have to re-login, which is a pain. A php-based main site can be integrated so session info is maintained, if you know how to do it.

    The timeout is set as is because of security concerns - if someone happens to leave a public computer logged in, their info could be available to someone who comes by while they are gone.


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