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OK, I got it to work. I reinstalled the module, and then went to my Intuit Merchant Service Center > Account > Processing Information. I had to change "If neither Street Address nor Zip Code match" in the AVS settings to "Accept Transaction" and "If CSC does not match" in the CSC settings to "Accept Transaction".

It's a shame that these settings need to be disabled that way, as it will probably increase the number of fraudulent orders through the cart. I triple-checked the billing address, zip, and CSC info when I placed my prior test transactions, and they were absolutely correct (yet I still received the error message "Validation Error: Please check your billing address and CVV code for accuracy and resubmit your transaction."). Perhaps the module is not passing those pieces of information along to Intuit correctly?

Anyone have any other ideas on how to keep those AVS settings while allowing the cart to function properly and accept orders?
We have installed this module with Zen Cart 1.5.0 and it is working fine in "desktop" mode. We have not had to disable anything in the AVS settings.

I know this probably doesn't offer you much help for your particular situation, but I wanted to let you know that the module itself does seem to be sending the information correctly (at least with version 1.5.0).