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    red flag Attributes - Multiple languages bug? < nop not the missing translation one!

    Hi all,

    First off all thanks for reading this! I think I may found a nasty bug...

    This is what happend I got a zen-cart setup like a Multiple languages store (English(Default), Spanish).

    I am using the zen-cart 1.3.8a on php 5 and mySQL 5(Both the more new stable versions) on a Windows server. Also I am not using addons that effect the attributes not at the font or back.

    When I go to any product info page that got Attributes it shows great on the default languages, But when I change to Spanish all my Text box attributes disappear. But all the other type of Attributes do show up!

    I am already days trying to result this issue,

    1. I first did think that the bug had to admin (bad settings), but this was not the case all settings look ok in the admin and all text attributes show up normal in both spanish and english languages. I even try delete them and readd them but the bug did keep showing up.

    2. I did take a look at my languages files, and compare to them to my english ones all does look ok here. I even did go so far to replace the spanish files complete with the english files(the unedit copy that comes with the 1.3.8a version) but the bug did keep showing up!

    3. I did take a look in my database but all look ok here also.

    Please help me resold this issue, like you see at my post on this forum I am working trying to get my Zen-cart online ready for weeks now, sorry to not post a link to the live store like I am still working on localhost test server.

    Really sorry for all the bad gramma and spelling errors but I am typing this at 1:45 am my time please forgive me, If something is unclear please ask me.

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