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    Default Drop Shipping Purchase Orders Module for v1.3.8

    Very hot, released right now. It's a surprisingly popular :) contribution and thank you to all those who use it - you guys give me a way to pay back to the ZC community for making ZC happen in the first place!

    If you search this forum for "Drop shipping" or "Purchase orders" you will find some past threads showing the feedback this module had, this should help you decide if you need it (if the users manual at the bottom doesn't help there).



    1) Incorporated updates and fixes made by Prattski to make this ZenCart v1.3.x compliant. TESTED ON 1.3.8.
    2) General code maintenance, moved all necessary information to configuration variables
    3) Updated list of available mail template tagnames both in subject and in contents of sent messages
    4) Added debug mode for sending POs (admin/includes/extra_configures/purchaseorders DEBUGMODE set to Yes if needed)

    All of the options are available in the admin, of course.

    1) You can enter a list of subcontractors/dropshippers (SCs from now on) you work with (all their contact info, emails, phone, etc.)

    2) You can set a default SC for each product

    3) Using admin you can send POs to SCs

    3.1) For each order in Processing you will see a list of all ordered products along with customer info in a simple table. For any 1+ -> all of such order items, you can send POs to their default SCs, or select another SC from a drop-down list (separate for each ordered item and customer). One of the SCs is called "Own stock" which means you commit to ship the item from your stock. Useful if you happen to do that. :)

    3.2) For each product item selected, they will be grouped by customer into respective POs and emails will be sent to those SCs. Each PO would be dated and numbered. All the info for drop-shipping is in the email: what was ordered and where does it have to be shipped to.


    - John ordered 5 items. 2 of them from SC#1, 2 of them from SC#2, the last one normally sent from your stock
    - Mary ordered 3 items. 1 from SC#1, 1 from SC#2, 1 from your stock

    Say you have a returned item identical to one of John`s normally sent to SC#1 on your own stock and you want to move it.

    Hit the Send POs screen. You`ll see 8 rows in the table. One for each ordered product. Each product would have a check box (send PO yes/no) and a drop-down menu (choosing the recipient of the PO, already prefilled upon default product SC).

    You`d flip all the Send PO checkboxes to yes. You would change the John`s product you happen to have from SC#1 to `Own stock`. You`d hit SEND POs.

    SC#1 will get 2 emails. One for each order and with one product on each one.
    SC#2 will get 2 emails. One for each order, with two products on each one.
    You will get 2 emails. One for each order, first with 2 products (John) and the other with 1 product (Mary).

    3.3) You would be able to re-send POs. You`d be able to search past POs by number, date range and recipient. Say SC#2 cannot process Mary`s order, but SC#1 can (although he wouldn`t be the default recipient). Look up that old PO by number, change the recipient to SC#1 and hit SEND. It`s renumbered and re-dated and emailed to SC#1.


    4) For items sent to your own stock, you`d be able to enter tracking numbers. THIS WOULD WORK THANKS TO THE TY_PACKAGE_TRACKER Contribution. YOU NEED TO HAVE IT INSTALLED IN ORDER FOR TRACKING TO WORK!

    5) Each PO email will have a link to a simple form that would allow the recipient to choose which items were shipped and enter tracking info (carrier and number) for each (or all if he did it right and bundled them in a package). Thus you, the store owner, know all tracking info for each package that was shipped for that order.

    6) The comments for the order would be updated with tracking info (with a link to the carrier's tracking page already prefilled with the tracking number) and a designation which item(s) were shipped in each package.
    Last edited by kuroi; 18 Jun 2011 at 04:11 PM. Reason: Replace link for externally hosted and out of date package with link to latest version in Zen Cart download section



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