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    Default Sold out >> Out of Stock, Order by Model #

    Hey guys,

    A few questions:
    1. How can I have it say Out of Stock instead of Sold Out?
    2. How can I have products ordered by Model # instead of by Item Name?
    3. Is there anyway to display Model # on the Product Stock Repor?


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    Default Re: Sold out >> Out of Stock, Order by Model #

    Find "button_sold_out.gif" and replace it with an image that is the same size (pixels wide x pixels high). It should be found in includes/templates/template_default/buttons/english or includes/templates/<your template name>/buttons/english.

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    Default Re: Sold out >> Out of Stock, Order by Model #

    And for 2 and 3 the answers are ...

    ... there is a mod in the downloads section that allows ordering by product model, but which doesn't deal with attributes.

    ... adding product model to the stock report would require custom coding to extract it from the database and display it, but it should be fairly straightforward coding and would require just a the tiniest bit of knowledge of SQL and PHP.
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    Default Re: Sold out >> Out of Stock, Order by Model #

    Customising the "Out of Stock" is easy - as stated just change the image.

    You can see how I changed mine to go with our branding here:
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