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    Default Is the Categories Sidebox an Unordered List?

    I have taught myself CSS, read the new zen cart handbook, and did tons of searches on the forum, but I can't solve my problem...

    Every zen cart store I have seen so far has the categories box with text that changes color on hover-over. I would like to do something different, and create the look of a CSS button (where the background color and foreground color change on hover). Typically, I would do this by writing an unordered list of hyperlinks, setting them to "display:block" and using the :hover pseudo-class to make the background and text colors change slightly. However, I don't think the category names in the category sidebox are list items, so this method won't work. Maybe I'm wrong...can someone tell me the class or ID name for the categories box, and how to style it to get the effect I'm looking for? (BTW, I found an example at:

    Thanks in advance for any kind soul who takes pity on me!


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    Default Re: Is the Categories Sidebox an Unordered List?

    In the downloads section is a Categories box called Flyout Categories. Give that a shot.
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