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    Default Spanish language pack

    First, I would like to thank the community for a product as useful and usable as zen-cart. I am a longtime advocate of FOSS software (and sometimes programmer).

    That said, one of my clients is interested in operating their own web store, as opposed to contracting the services. I have installed and begun to set up zen-cart.

    As the client has an international presence, I have been installing language packs and due to the ubiquitousness of Spanish, certainly wish to include this.

    I very much appreciate that all language packs must be distributed under the GPL, however, compressing this archive with the proprietary RAR format is anathema to the GPL's purpose.

    As a user of only FOSS software and systems, I find that the specific format of this Spanish language pack RAR is not supported by unrar-free. I am unable to extract the contents.

    I would very much appreciate it if the maintainer would point me to either an uncompressed version or an archive in an open format.

    Thanks again.
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