I have installed the contribution Drop Ship / Supplier Interface to Zen Cart where a seller logs in and can add product. As usual the seller logs in with an email and password which is stored in the mysql table _SUPPLIER_ADMINS. This table also contains the field supplier_admin_name.

When the seller adds product they currently have the choice to select a manufacturer. For later reporting reasons (in Sales Report 2.0) I am attempting to change the default manufacture depending on the seller logged in. The manufacturer is stored in the mysql table _MANUFACTURES. It should be noted this same table also contains manufactuer_id and manufacture_name. I have created product manufactures in the cart that match each sellers_admin_ name.

It should also be noted that Zen Cart uses the manufactuer_id to select, store, display and report on information not the manufacture_name.
As stated I am attempting to create code that will change the default manufacturer based on the seller that is logged in. Both of the fields that I want to compare are VARCHAR(32). I am not sure if this matters but one is of collation latin1_swedish_ci and the other is utf8_general_ci.

I want the code to do the following:

If the supplier_admin_name from table _SUPPLIER_ADMINS is equal to manufacture_name from table _MANUFACTURES then the default manufacturer will be equal to the corresponding manufactuer_id. Corresponding meaning from the same record as the matching manufacture_name.
I know very little about PHP any help with this code would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

dbanrman AT telus DOT net