Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place to post my question. We have a store which sells a non-tangible (e-goods) and just wondering if there is a option to confirm the buyers paypal email address after successful payment. Because of the too many fraud related to paypal we need the following steps to be configured (if possible):

1. The buyer choose one product
2. After successful payment via PayPal the status of the order is set to 'Pending' and the system sends a verification mail to the email address used in the paypal payment process (not to the email used for registration) with some kind of conformation link back to the store
3. Then the buyer need to open this mail and click on the link
4. After confirming the email the order status is set to "Delivered" and the buyer can download the product.

I'll be very happy if someone can help with this

Best Regards