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    Default E-Z pages..where are they stored

    I have 3 ez pages and have made some html changes (via admin) to include an image.
    My questions are:
    1. what's the correct image path?
    <img src="">
    2. I need to send the image and the html changes to someone else also developing the site, where do ez pages live ie where can i find my new code?

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    Default Re: E-Z pages..where are they stored

    The HTML for EZ-Pages is stored in the database, not in a file struture (as are the define pages).

    To extract the HTML, you'll need to call up the page in its "edit" mode, then in the HTMLArea controls toggle to the HTML code (I think the menu icon looks like this:- <> )

    Then highlight the code, copy to clip-board, and there you have it...

    I'm not sure about the image path...

    As the EZ page inherits the HTML header from the main zencart site (where there is a <base href=> tag, you may be able to use the path:- images/mypic.jpg (for example).

    If you send your raw HTML to someone else to edit, when it comes back to you, BE SURE to use only the code that sits between the <body> and </body> tags.

    You will not need the header, nor the closing </html> tag.



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