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    Default Whoops your session has expired

    Every once in a while we get a customer who has this problem:

    Each time I click the download button, it takes me to the screen that says,
    "Whoops your session has expired. I tried taking the security levels down,
    but still won't work. Is it possible to e-mail me the zip file. I download
    music all the time from itunes and wal-mart and have not had a problem.

    Why does this happen and why only to a few select customers.
    And how doe we fix it?

    Jeff Michaels,
    pres of Musical Creations Ltd.

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    Default Re: Whoops your session has expired

    A session timeout is the result of many possible situations, or a combination thereof:
    - a timeout has happened ... ie: they left your website for more than 20 minutes
    - the session cookie expiry time isn't set right
    - the browser is doing something odd with session cookies
    - the customer is surfing via AOL or another proxying ISP and has come in on a different IP address and thus can't be confirmed to be the same visitor as initially expected
    - etc etc

    To "fix" if possible would require knowing a lot of data about all the specific customers who are experiencing the problem, such as browser info, ISP, IP address used on all pages of their browsing session, details of all firewalls (hardware and software) used in their access to the internet and your site in particular, any security software used to manage or block cookies or "safe surfing" tools, etc.

    Easy schmeazy, right?

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