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    Hello All,

    I am completely new to Zen Cart.

    I have a client that is looking to build basically an under their own brand.

    They would like all the vendors to be able to place their products into the store after approval. Then the orders get emailed to the appropriate vendor, and shipped to the vendor. Additionally the client is going to take a 25% cut of the total sale.

    If anyone could point me to a solution to accomplish this using Zen Cart. I would greatly appreciate it.



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    Default Re: Zen Cart - Model

    This would require a mall type of script and Amazon has most likely spent 1,000's on their site
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    Default Re: Zen Cart - Model

    I think you are talking about a custom solution.

    Amazon has a team of hundreds of developers that have been developing custom solutions for 10 years.

    I suspect you are going to have trouble finding anything off-the-shelf that will accomplish what the client wants.

    BTW, a 25% cut will scare most merchants away. Amazon charges 15%.



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