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    Default Duplicate IP addresses

    Hi there everyone. I am hoping somebody can help me with a problem I am having. My store is live but it is not listed with the search engines and I have it down for maintenance and am only allowing my IP address to have access. When I first visit my site it only shows one user. As soon as I visit a secured page like checkout or Log In then exit this page it shows another user online equaling two online. If I then close the page then reopen my site again it now shows three visitors. Then every time I refresh the page it adds another visitor. I have checked my Who's Online section in admin and it is the Unique IP address that is asigned to my Secured pages that is being duplicated. So this is telling me my SSL is somehow causing this. Does anybody have any ideas on this. Regards Simon

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    Default Re: Duplicate IP addresses

    When a customer flips into SSL mode, it's not uncommon for a new session to be established. Thus, you'll see an extra entry in who's-online.

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    Default Re: Duplicate IP addresses

    Thanks mate. I had come to that conclusion myself as well. I have also found things have settled down now that I have stopped using Paypal Express. I think the automatic account creation was causing havoc.



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