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Version: 3.0.1

Zen Cart™ Version: v1.2.4 through v1.3.x

Last Updated: 08/20/2006

Author: Sara Jacobson (NotGoddess) http://notgoddess.com/

French translations by: Gary Murk from http://IntelCosmet.com/


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Also available at NotGoddess.com


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Full support of dual merchant accounts

This is a feature that InternetSecure™ has allowing both USD and CAD accounts, thus support for merchants seeking either a US merchant or CA merchant account or both.

This feature automatically sets payment based on the user currency of choice of either US or CA funds and processes to your CA or US merchant account respectively. If other currencies are used for ease of your buyers, then the choice is to have the module process to either one or ther other set in the backend Admin settings.

Auto language support

The script passes on the cart's language to the InternetSecure™ pages, so if your cart is multi-lingual, it will continue onto those pages. If the cart language is not supported, it will fall back to InternetSecure's™ default (English).

This module comes with English/French language files.

Descriptive Payment information

User cart information is forwarded containing model(sku) and description with support of cart attribute options (size/model/format etc.). Shipping, discounts/surcharges, and taxes appear as separate line items.

Thus the user sees at final stages all applied charges and information regarding his or her purchase clearly stated and outlined in either CA or US funds.

Pre-payment order filing

InternetSecure™ does not seem to show a cancel and return to merchant link if a credit card was declined.

If the card was approved, InternetSecure™ shows a return button, but does not require you return to the merchant after processing.

This module is structured to create the order prior to the customer going offsite. The customer may, but does not need to return to your site as the order has already been recorded.

If a card was declined, you can follow up with the customer for alternate payment methods, or cancel the order, as you like.

If the export script option is used, you will get an order status update/comment in addition to any email InternetSecure™ sends.

Installation Instructions

  1. If you have installed an earlier version, please remove it.
  2. Unzip the files and drop into your catalog.
  3. The catalog/ directory corresponds to your ZenCart base directory.
  4. Log into your Admin panel and go to Modules > Payment.
  5. Click on the Secure Credit Card line.
  6. Click on the Install button.
  7. Click on the Edit button and configure the module.

InternetSecure™ Export Script settings

Using the Export script option is not required but is recommended.

Log into your merchant account and click on the Export Scripts link, then choose Export Script Options and set the following:

  • Domain name: http://yourdomain.com
  • Web Page: /path/to/zenroot/internetsecure_export_handler.php

The correct paths are shown in the module information section.

Data from the export script can be stored as a order comment. Some defaults have been chosen, but you'll want to review the options to see what you wish to store. See the configuration settings section.

Note that the variables like xxxName and CustomerName seem to return the same data, but since both are returned you have the option to choose which (if any) you would like.

Configuration Settings

Enable InternetSecure™ Merchant Link Module

Do you want to accept InternetSecure™ payments? Options: True False

Payment Zone

If a zone is selected, only enable this payment method for that zone.

Sort order of display.

Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first.

CAD Merchant ID

Your CAD merchant ID at InternetSecure™.

USD Merchant ID

Your USD merchant ID at InternetSecure™.

Transaction Currency

The currency to use for credit card transactions. Options:

  • Always USD
  • Always CAD
  • Either CAD or USD, else USD
  • Either USD or CAD, else CAD

Set Order Status

Set the status of orders made with this payment module to this value

Approved CC Order Status

If export script indicates credit card was approved, set the status of order to this value

Declined CC Order Status

If export script indicates credit card was declined, set the status of order to this value

InternetSecure Export Confirmation Code

If you added a confirmation code on your IS export script page, please enter that code here.

Transaction Mode

Transaction mode to use for the InternetSecure™ service Options:

  • Test Mode - Declined
  • Test Mode - Approved
  • LIVE

Transaction Data

Data you would like saved as an order comment. CustomerName = xxxName, etc. Both are shown so you can select what you wish.

Transaction Information
SalesOrderNumber, receiptnumber, ApprovalCode, Verbage, NiceVerbage,
MerchantNumber, Refund,
Customer Information
CustomerName, xxxName, CustomerCompany, xxxCompany,
CustomerAddress, xxxAddress, CustomerCity, xxxCity,
CustomerProvince, xxxProvince, CustomerCountry, xxxCountry,
CustomerPostalCode, xxxPostal, CustomerEmail, xxxEmail,
CustomerPhone, xxxPhone,
Customer CC Information
Cardholder, xxxcard_name, xxxCCType, Amount, xxxAmount,
Currency, CVV2Result, AVSResponseCode, 
Other Information
Products, DoubleColonProducts, Language, KeySize, SecretKeySize,
UserAgent, EntryTimeStamp, UnixTimeStamp, TimeStamp, Live, RefererURL,
ip_address, ReturnURL, ReturnCGI,
xxxVar1, xxxVar2, xxxVar3, xxxVar4, xxxVar5