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This is where you create and edit your products and categories.


In order to add products to your site, you will first need at least one category.

  • Create a category by clicking the "new category" button.
Warning.png Products must be placed inside categories
You must have at least one category, and all your products must be placed inside categories, otherwise Zen Cart will not work as intended and you may experience various problems, like products not showing up and searching is not working etc.

Now click on the newly created category and decide what you want to do.

Do you want the category to have a subcategory or do you want to add products to the category? There can not be both products and categories in a category, it must contain one or the other. There's no restriction to how many products or categories you can have in a category though, and there's also no restriction to how many levels of subcategories you want. The only limitation is your server and how much it can handle.

When you know what the category is to be used for, click the appropriate button to create one or the other.

[When Product Edit page is described, add this note in the image upload area (adapted from DrByte):]
If you loaded an image and want to remove it (not replace it), change the file to 'none' to force it to be emptied, then the image shouldn't show up anymore.

How To Create Gift Certificates

  1. In the Admin, make a new category called Gift Certificates. Add a product to the category called Gift Certificates.
  2. On the Product Information Page fill in the blanks as follows:
    • Products Status:In Stock
    • Date Available: leave blank
    • Products Manufacturer: leave blank
    • Products Name: Gift Certificate
    • Product is Free: No
    • Product is Call for Price: No
    • Product Priced by Attributes: Yes No
      This is up to you, if you choose to price by attributes you only need a single 'product'.
    • Tax Class: choose appropriate
    • Products Price (Net): Your price or zero if pricing by attibutes.
    • Products Price (Gross): figured automatically
    • Virtual Products do not have a shipping charge and do not require a shipping address such a Services, Gift Certificates, etc.
    • Always Free Shipping does not have a shipping charge, but do require a shipping address
      Downloads are assumed to be Virtual Products - Neither option needs to be marked
    • Product is Virtual: Yes, Skip Shipping
    • Always Free Shipping: Yes, Always Free
    • Products Quantity Box Shows: Yes, Show
    • Product Qty Minimum: leave blank
    • Product Qty Maximum: 0 = Unlimited, 1 = No Qty
    • Boxes or Max ##
    • Product Qty Units: leave blank
    • Product Qty Min/Unit Mix: leave blank
    • Products Description: Your description.
    • Products Quantity: leave blank or put in a large number to track number sold.
      TIP: If you are finding that you cannot add a Gift Certificate to your cart, try adding a quantity here!
    • Products Model: GIFT-xxxxx
      The model MUST begin with GIFT (in ALL CAPS)
    • Products Image: Upload an image
    • Upload to directory: choose directory
    • Products URL: leave blank
    • Products Weight: leave blank
  3. Save it.
  4. Now go to Modules->Order Total and install and configure the gift certificate module.


First, the customer purchases the Gift Certificate. It is not released right away. It's queued for the administrator:

After the Administrator has approved the Gift Certificate (There's a "release" button in admin area if someone buys one), THEN the Gift Certificate funds are made available to the customer.

The customer can then USE those funds for themselves, OR they can email them to friend(s) via the links provided automatically in the store (esp shopping cart sidebox). They can email as much as they want, to various people, up to the amount they've purchased.