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Menu: Admin - Catalog - Product Types

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Allows you to view and edit product types.


What are the product-type options for in the Admin area?

Here's a quick overview...

When you go to the Admin > Catalog > Categories/Products you have a list of your categories. Beside the New Product button is a pulldown menu. Whatever product type you select from this menu before clicking New Product is the type of product you will create.

Each product type collects certain kinds of information relevant to that product. Each product type has a different display of content in the store (ie: music shows a bit different than other products, and also allows the attaching of MP3 clips in the media manager, etc - all of which are displayed on the music product automagically, but not on a T-Shirt, for example).

In the Admin > Catalog > Product Types menu, there is a listing of product types. For each product type, you can select the default settings for entry of new products of that type (such as default tax class, so you don't have to always select this when entering new products of that type), as well as some settings used in the template for that product type to affect how it is displayed (i.e. free-shipping logo always on, etc.).

For technical/developer information on product types, see Product Types