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Menu: Admin - Configuration - All Listing

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How and where certain product listing information for all listings are displayed.


All Listings refers to the template used with index.php?main_page=products_all (includes/<yourtemplate>/templates/tpl_modules_products_all_listing.php).

This listing displays both all active products in your catalog and all the fields you have set to display (in Admin > Configuration > Product Listing).

(Note that in ZC 1.3.x, modifications to the product listing template are not reflected here without additional customization. See


Product data display

  • Display Product Image
  • Display Product Quantity
  • Display Product Buy Now Button
  • Display Product Name
  • Display Product Model
  • Display Product Manufacturer Name
  • Display Product Price
  • Display Product Weight
  • Display Product Date Added

The above settings can be set to either of these values:

  • 0 = off
  • 4 digit number = on
    • 1st digit: left or right (left = 1, right = 2)
    • 2nd and 3rd digit: sort order
    • 4th digit: number of breaks after

If the value is 0 this means off, as in do not show this field at all.

If you set a value other than 0, the number used has a different meaning. The number should in that case be a 4 digit number, represented as CSOB, which stands for Column, Sort Order, (line) Breaks.

  • The first digit: 1 means left and 2 means right. The screen draws in 2 cells, for the left and right side. Within the left and right side is a display or sort order.
  • The second and third digits make up one number which is the sort order. 2 digits are used so you can sort and increment your numbers such as 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. so that later you can more easily move the fields around.
  • The fourth digit is how many line breaks (<br />) should be added following the data.
    • 0 for all on one line
    • 1 for 1 line break (<br />)
    • 2 for 2 line breaks (<br /><br />)
    • 3 for 3 line breaks (<br /><br /><br />)
    • etc.