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Allows the store owner to edit defined "chunks" of text that are used in different pages. Thus the store owner can edit the text of the site using the zen admin system, and without having to edit language files or templates.

By default there are defined "chunks" of text set-up for the following pages:

  • checkout_success
  • conditions
  • contact_us
  • discount_coupon
  • main_page
  • page_2
  • page_3
  • page_4
  • page_not_found
  • privacy
  • shippinginfo
  • site_map

It is possible to disable the use of the defined content chunk in each of those pages using the Define Page Status configuration menu. The content of the page would therefore only be taken from the page template and language files.

The files that the define pages editor edits are stored in the /languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/html_includes/ folder. However, it is good practice to create an override directory for your own copies of the files so that they will not be overwritten in any future upgrade. This would be at: /languages/YOUR_LANGUAGE/html_includes/YOUR_TEMPLATE/. A warning message will be displayed by the define pages editor if you don't have the files in such a directory.

For the define pages editor to work, the files that it edits must have their file permissions set to writeable. Otherwise an error message will be displayed.

The define pages editor allows use of an HTML editor to format the text. The default HTML editing toolbar can be set in the My Store configuration menu, but this can be changed from within the define pages editor if necessary.