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Menu: Admin - Configuration - New Listing

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How and where certain product listing information is displayed.


New Listing Settings:

Display Product ImageDisplay Product QuantityDisplay Product Buy Now ButtonDisplay Product NameDisplay Product ModelDisplay Product Manufacturer NameDisplay Product PriceDisplay Product Weight

The above settings can be set to either of these values:

  0 = off
  4 digit number = on
    o 1st digit: left or right (left = 1, right = 2)
    o 2nd and 3rd digit: sort order
    o 4th digit: number of breaks after 

If the value is 0 this means off, as in do not show this field at all.

If you set a value other than 0, the number used has a different meaning. The number should in that case be a four digit number, represented as CSOB, which stands for Column, Sort Order, (line) Breaks.

  • The first digit: 1 means left and 2 means right. The screen draws in 2 cells, for the left and right side. Within the left and right side is a display or sort order.
  • The second and third digits make up one number which is the sort order. 2 digits are used so you can sort and increment your numbers such as 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. so that later you can more easily move the fields around.
  • The fourth digit is how many line breaks should be added following the data.
    • 0 for all on one line
    • 1 for 1 line break (
    • 2 for 2 line breaks (

    • 3 for 3 line breaks (

    • etc.

Display Product Date AddedDisplay Product Description

The two above are either set to display (1) or off (0).

Display Product Display - Default Sort Order

You can set the initial sort order for how products will display, the default= 6 for Date New to Old

Available settings:

 1 = Products Name
 2 = Products Name Desc
 3 = Price low to high, Products Name
 4 = Price high to low, Products Name
 5 = Model
 6 = Date Added desc
 7 = Date Added
 8 = Product Sort Order

Default Products New Group ID

Default is 21. Not recommended that this be changed.

Display Multiple Products Qty Box Status and Set Button Location

This will display an add to cart selection in the following locations (at this time there is no selection support in the product items).

 0 = off
 1 = Top
 2 = Bottom
 3 = Both