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Menu: Admin - Modules - Shipping

Admin - Modules Menu Items: Payment · Shipping · Order Total


Install, edit or disable shipping methods.


To enable USPS shipping quotes:

  1. Admin->Configuration->Shipping/Packing ... select your country and ZIP/Postal Code
  2. Admin->Configuration->My Store ... select your country and zone/state
  3. Admin->Modules->Shipping ... click on USPS ... click "Install"
  4. Create a customer account with USPS as per the following instructions:

Creating/Activating a customer account for USPS realtime shipping quotes

  1. For information, read:
  2. To create an account, go to:
  3. Fill in your customer information details and click Submit.
  4. You will receive an email containing your USPS rate-quote Web Tools User ID.
  5. Insert that User ID in the Zen Cart™ USPS shipping module.
  6. Telephone USPS to ask them to move your account to the Production Server 1-800-344-7779 or email them at, quoting your user ID.
  7. They will send you a confirmation email. Simply set your Zen Cart™ USPS module to Production mode and you're all set.
  8. In the Zen Cart™ Admin, edit the USPS settings for which kinds of shipping methods you want to allow.