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Menu: Admin - Tools
This shows the list of Admin menu options for the Tools menu.

  • Template Selection — Assigns a tempate to a language as the default for that language.
  • Layout Boxes Controller — Shows how and where certain side boxes are to be displayed.
  • Banner Manager — Manage various "fortune cookie"-type text banners.
  • Send Email — Compose a plaintext only (non-HTML) email message to be sent to a customer or a certain group of customers.
  • Newsletter Manager — Compose an HTML (with optional plaintext) email message to be sent to a customer or a certain group of customers.
  • Server/Version Info — Information about the web server and PHP running Zen Cart™.
  • Who's Online — View certain information about the users who are currently connected to Zen Cart™.
  • Admin Settings — View certain information about users who have administrator priveleges on Zen Cart™, or to grant administrator priveleges to certain users.
  • Email Welcome — View the welcome message sent by Zen Cart™ when a user first registers for an account.
  • Store Manager — Delete certain information from activity logs if they become too large (prior backup recommended).
  • Developers Tool Kit — Search system files (to make it easier to make customizations).
  • EZ-Pages — Add and remove special EZ-Pages pages which are easier to create or edit than standard PHP or HTML.
  • Define Pages Editor — Edit certain definition pages.
  • Install SQL Patches — Run SQL commands directly.

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Admin - Tools Menu Items: Template Selection · Layout Boxes Controller · Banner Manager · Send Email · Newsletter Manager · Server Info · Who's Online · Admin Settings · Email Welcome · Store Manager · Developers Tool Kit · EZ-Pages · Define Pages Editor · Install SQL Patches