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Menu: Admin - Tools - Newsletter Manager

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Allows you to compose an HTML (with optional plaintext) email message to be sent to a customer or a certain group of customers.

Using the Newsletter Manager

  • Ensure that the Text Editor box in the top left reads HTMLarea
  • Click on New newsletter
  • A new page opens.
  • Module: Choose between Newsletter and Product Notification.
  • Subject: Give it a title.
  • Rich Text Content: This section is for those who will receive their e-mails in html, so write your newsletter in here, using the fairly normal formatting options to create your stylish masterpiece. When you've finished, copy all the content and paste it into the lower box for
  • Text Only Content where all the fancy formatting will be stripped out for those who like to receive plain-text e-mails. (If you want, there's no reason why you shouldn't prepare your Newsletter on your normal word-processor and then paste it into the rich Text box - however, any Microsift Word formatting will be lost as it's not compatible.
  • When you've finished, click Save.
  • You will now be taken back to the newsletter manager page. Apart from Preview , before you can continue, you must now click Lock (no idea why - I'll try to find out!). Now you can Edit, Send etc.
  • When ready, click Send - choose your recipients and click the select button. A final check of another Preview, scroll to the bottom and click Send E-mail