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Initial Setup and Management

Admin Site Setup Checklist


Login issues



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How to

Configure Downloadable Products

Activate Group Pricing

Change Home Page Display

Stop The Post Code From Being Required

Rename Your Admin

Admin Menu Sections


  • My Store — General information about your site.
  • Minimum Values — Defines minimum values for various options in validation of user input.
  • Maximum Values — Defines maximum values for various items that will appear on each page/in each block.
  • Images — Controls size of images on each page/each type of content.
  • Customer Details — Controls options to include in User Login/Registration and My Account pages.
  • Shipping/Packaging — General shipping information including locations, weight and size limits, etc.
  • Product Listing — Controls appearance of main Product Listing pages.
  • Stock — Control various options regarding stock control.
  • Logging — Controls how events are logged.
  • E-Mail Options — Various email configuration options.
  • Attribute Settings — Controls how product attributes are handled.
  • GZip Compression — Controls compression settings if the information is transmitted to the user's web browser in compressed format.
  • Sessions — Information about user sessions (such as whether they are stored in a file on the server or in a cookie on the browser).
  • Regulations — Provision of terms and conditions for customers.
  • GV Coupons — Various configuration options for the Gift Voucher module.
  • Credit Cards — Determine which credit cards to accept.
  • Product Info — Basic options controlling elements to include on Product Info page.
  • Layout Settings — Controls certain layout options.
  • Website Maintenance — Controls how your store appears to customers when it is down for maintenance.
  • New Listing — How and where certain product listing information for new listings are displayed.
  • Featured Listing — How and where certain product listing information for featured listings are displayed.
  • All Listing — How and where certain product listing information for all listings are displayed.
  • Index Listing — Whether certain items show on main page.
  • Define Page Status — Controls whether define pages editor text is used and whether a link to a certain page is displayed.
  • EZ-Pages Settings — Various options to configure the EZ-Pages; an easy way to add new pages of content.



  • Payment — Install, edit or disable payment processing systems.
  • Shipping — Install, edit or disable shipping methods.
  • Order Total — Install, edit or disable checkout totalizer items.


Locations / Taxes

  • Countries — Defines every country and ISO-3166 2-letter and 3-letter country code. Also defines the address format for letters sent by postal mail.
  • Zones — Defines subdivisions of countries such as states/provinces or counties for tax or shipping purposes.
  • Zones Definitions — Create a zone for tax purposes.
  • Tax Classes — Used to differentiate between the type of tax calculations that apply to a given product.
  • Tax Rates — Create a specific tax rate for a zone.


  • Currencies — Add new currencies or edit existing ones.
  • Languages — Add additional language(s) in order to internationalize the output generated by Zen Cart™.
  • Orders Status — Add names of new order status entries, edit existing order status name entries, or delete an order status name entry.



  • Template Selection — Assigns a tempate to a language as the default for that language.
  • Layout Boxes Controller — Shows how and where certain side boxes are to be displayed.
  • Banner Manager — Manage various "fortune cookie"-type text banners.
  • Send Email — Compose a plaintext only (non-HTML) email message to be sent to a customer or a certain group of customers.
  • Newsletter Manager — Compose an HTML (with optional plaintext) email message to be sent to a customer or a certain group of customers.
  • Server/Version Info — Information about the web server and PHP running Zen Cart™.
  • Who's Online — View certain information about the users who are currently connected to Zen Cart™.
  • Admin Settings — View certain information about users who have administrator priveleges on Zen Cart™, or to grant administrator priveleges to certain users.
  • Email Welcome — View the welcome message sent by Zen Cart™ when a user first registers for an account.
  • Store Manager — Delete certain information from activity logs if they become too large (prior backup recommended).
  • Developers Tool Kit — Search system files (to make it easier to make customizations).
  • EZ-Pages — Add and remove special EZ-Pages pages which are easier to create or edit than standard PHP or HTML.
  • Define Pages Editor — Edit certain definition pages.
  • Install SQL Patches — Run SQL commands directly.

Gift Certificate/Coupons


  • Record Artists — View, add, edit and delete recording artists.
  • Record Companies — View, add, edit and delete record companies.
  • Music Genre — View, add, edit and delete music genres.
  • Media Manager — View, add, edit and delete collection names, which may be assigned to products.
  • Media Types — View, add, edit and delete media type names and media types (like MP3, WAV etc.).