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The Conditions page is explained here.

Configuration options

This table below shows most of the configuration options including language text for the Conditions page. It is based on a ZenCart version 1.3.0. Before editing files copy the original file (if not done before) to YOUR_TEMPLATE directory.

Copy image and button files

  • from includes\templates\template_default\images\..... to includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\images\.....
  • from includes\templates\template_default\buttons\..... to includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\buttons\.....

Copy language files

  • from includes\language\..... to includes\language\YOUR_TEMPLATE\.....
  • from includes\language\english\..... to includes\language\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE\.....

See also Customisation - Templates

Name Default value How to change
HEADING_TITLE 'Conditions of Use' Edit language file conditions.php near line 24 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE
Configuration --> Define Page Status --> Define Conditions of Use.

Enable the Defined Conditions of Use Link/Text?
0= Link ON, Define Text OFF
1= Link ON, Define Text ON
2= Link OFF, Define Text ON
3= Link OFF, Define Text OFF
BUTTON_IMAGE_BACK File:Button back.gif Edit button image file 'button_back.gif' in the directory includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\buttons\english\ with a graphic tool
BUTTON_BACK_ALT 'Back' Edit button names file button_names.php near line 67 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE.
Note: This text will be visible when your hover over this button.

Conditions of Use Sample Text ...

This section of text is from the Define Pages Editor located under Tools in the Admin.

To remove this section of the text, delete it from the Define Pages Editor.

Edit define page file define_conditions
(Tools --> Define Pages Editor)
NAVBAR_TITLE 'Conditions of Use' Edit language file conditions.php near line 23 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE

NOTE: This table is made by looking for used defines in the following files:

  • includes\modules\pages\conditions\header_php.php
  • includes\templates\template_default\templates\tpl_conditions_default.php

Defines (configuration options) are defined in:

  • configuration table in the database
  • includes\filenames.php
  • includes\languages\english\button_names.php
  • includes\languages\english\conditions.php

Product type configuration option are ignored Shipping, payment and Order Total module configuration option are also ignored