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The purpose of this sidebox is to allow the scroll list that is the default for listing manufacturers to be replaced by a list of links tat can be easily styled using CSS. The mod is fully compatible with all versions of Zen Cart up from 1.3.0 until the current release ( and is expected to continue to be comaptible with all 1.3.x series releases and hopefully beyond.


Firstly unzip the release package. This yields two php scripts and there are two ways to install them.

1. install the files

If you wish the changes to apply to a particular template that you have installed you will need to ensure that the following over-ride directories exist on your server:

 includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/sideboxes/ and

where YOUR_TEMPLATE is the name of the directory in which your template files are located.

Then drag the new tpl_manufacturers_list.php to the first directory and the manufacturers_list.php file to the second.

If you want the changes to apply to all templates that you have installed, drag the files to the following directories: includes/templates/template_default/sideboxes/ and includes/modules/sideboxes/template_default/

2. update your stylesheet

Add styles to your stylesheet to manage the layout and appearance of the links. For example, if your template is based on the Classic Template, the follow styles will remove bullet points and align the links to look and behave like the links in other sideboxes (except categories)

 #manufacturerslistContent ul {

3. turn on the new sidebox

Go to Admin > Tools > Layout Boxes Controller, select the box and choose the column in which you would like to place it and its sort order to determine how high it will appear in that column.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't this add-on display all my manufacturers?

By default Zen Cart only displays manufacturers for whom you have active products in your database. You can change this and have it display all of them by going to Admin > Configuration > Maximum Values > Manufacturers List - Verify Product Exist and setting it to 0.

Is there a support thread for this mod?

There most certainly is[1].

I can see this mod in my Admin but it doesn't show up in my store's Catalog section. Why?

If it shows up in the Admin, you have probably installed it correctly. So the things to check would be whether you have defined any manufacturers, and if so, whether you have selected them for any of your products.

How do I change the heading on the sidebox?

This sidebox uses the same heading definition as the standard manufacturers box that ships with Zen Cart. To change it, locate or add the following to the file that you are using to over-ride your includes/languages/english.php file (or the main language file for your language(s) if you're using others) and edit it to suit your needs

 // manufacturers box text in sideboxes/manufacturers.php
 define('BOX_HEADING_MANUFACTURERS', 'Manufacturers');