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Transforms long query string Zen Cart™ URLs into search engine friendly ones containing keywords.

Example URL Transformations:


History & Future

Derived from Chemo's Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 for osCommerce™. It is ported & optimized for Zen Cart™. Taken from Chemo's module were product, category, and manufacturer SEO urls, and 301 redirects for the old URLs. Dreamscape added transformations of all urls not just product and category related URLs.

Dreamscape is working on a new version that uses a modular plug-in architecture. He promises it will have:

  • URL conversions
    "In this way, users will be able to add SEO support for different pages or other contributions as they need to, and other developers will be able to make SEO plugins for their contributions if they want to as well. Instead of all the rewrite rules in .htaccess, there will only be a few core rules, and the plugins will decide what the url points to." [1]
  • Character conversion plugins for romanisation of non-latin character sets.
    "These can be anything from a simple task like converting to lowercase or stripping illegal characters to complex tasks like romanization of a language. So far on romanization I have started romanization for Western ISO accented & ligature characters, Russian, and Chinese; with plans to eventually have romanization plugins for many languages." [2]


  • Zen Cart™ version 1.2.4 or higher (Dreamscape hopes any of version of 1.2 is compatible, but cannot promise)
  • PHP 4.3.0 or better (PHP 5 is untested and unsupported)
  • Apache with mod_rewrite



Updating for 1.3

Using with a different Product Type

Ok, I figured out a quick fix for this for now, until I finish refining my dynamic method of handling this that I'm working on.

  1. Add your page handler to the includes/filenames.php as a define of FILENAME_PUBS_PRODUCT_BOOK_INFO
  2. edit the seo.url.php file and replace FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO with NAME_OF_YOUR_HANDLER
  3. in the .htacess file replace


  • Note this is only a viable quickfix if you only sell products of one type. I'm working to make it so that Ultimate SEO urls mod will handle product types automatically.

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