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eWAY is a superior global payment gateway boasting state-of-the-art Rapid 3.0 technology.

What is Rapid 3.0 and why must you have it?

Well, this amazing technology will banish your PCI DSS compliance woes and keep your website customised and stylish at the same time!

When you integrate with eWAY's Rapid 3.0 technology your customers will never have to leave your webpage to make payments. Rather than being redirected to a secure site, Rapid 3,0 brings the security to you by managing your customers credit card details behind the scenes. Our nifty technology POSTs customer credit card data directly from the customer’s web browser to eWAY, bypassing your site and reducing the scope of your PCI DSS requirements!

Beagle: technology to sniff out every fraudster!

For extra security, payments sent through Rapid 3.0 will also pass through eWAY’s Beagle (free) system to ensure no tricksy characters are lurking near your customers billing deatils. eWAY also offers Beagle Alerts (powered by ReD) for a supercharged security technology option.

Beagle Alerts is awesome at detecting security threats because of our partnership with ReD. ReD's vast neural network of transaction data from around the globe allows eWAY to validate each transaction on your website against a broad range of risk factors, best of all we will alert you immediately if we encounter any security threats.

What else can Rapid 3.0 do?

Rapid 3.0 is also integrated into our Token Payments solution. eWAY understands that the eCommerce market runs faster than Usain Bolt. Token Payments will save your customer’s billing details allowing them to make repeat purchases in record time.

Our Rapid 3.0 technology gives you full control over Token Payments allowing you to create, update and process payments for existing tokens.

Rapid 3.0 also allows you to expand your business beyond Australia using the same integration. Our genius team at eWAY use a complex DNS technology to ensure your payment is routed to the correct country.

Note: This module is not currently compatible with Token Payments.