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Allows you to search system files (to make it easier to make customizations).


The Developers Tool Kit is an essential tool for anyone involved in customising Zen Cart™.

The Developers Tool Kit will search through all the files and directories under the directory where you installed Zen Cart™ for an exact result of the entered text.

You probably already have a tool that searches through files installed on your operating system, but the Developers Tool Kit has some features specifically related to Zen Cart™.

With the Developers Tool Kit, you can search through

  • Language files
  • Function files
  • Class files
  • Template files
  • All files

Most of the time, searching through all files will give the best and most reliable result. For example, when only searching for template files, not all template files will actually be included.

Info.png Searching for text
Most text is stored in the language files, but there are a few exceptions where text is stored in the database. If you want to change some text from somewhere, just enter the text you want to modify in the input box labeled "Look-up in all files" in the Developers Tool Kit, then select the option from the drop-down menu labeled "All Files Look-ups:" and hit the search button.

If you get too many results, try to narrow it down by specifying more text to search for if possible. If you get too few results, try to increase the results by specifying less text to search for. Keep in mind that text may actually be sequenced into multiple parts as code, and html tags may also be included somewhere in the text. This means that searching for just a small part of the text, as in a few words rather than the full sentence, is sometimes necessary because the search term must be an exact match.

Eg. searching for "sales message here" does not match "sales message goes here", so search for "sales message" instead.

Warning.png Upgrades
Remember that if you make modifications to files without properly using the template system, an upgrade would overwrite your modifications, so be sure to learn about the template system before proceeding.

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