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In the context of Zen Cart®, HTML editor refers to the text formatting toolbar that allows store owners to edit HTML-formatted text content without knowing any HTML. They are WYSIWYG editors.

The default HTML editing toolbar can be set in the My Store configuration menu, but this can be changed from within each of the Zen modules that utilise it, using a drop-down menu.

Currently the HTML editing toolbar is available from within these pages:

By default, Zen Cart® v1.3.x comes with the popular HTMLarea text editor. However many others are available and they could presumably be installed into Zen Cart™. For example CKEditor or TinyMCE.

As of Zen Cart® v1.5, you can easily plug in your own 3rd-party editor using one of the many plugins available from the Free Addons library.

Two major flaws of HTMLarea are that it is very old and no longer supported, and that it does not produce standards-compliant HTML code. For these reasons it is no longer included as of Zen Cart® v1.5.

The HTMLarea website (no relation) maintains a directory of other text formatting editors, both free and commercial software: